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Bowflex Ultimate Home Gym

Bowflex Ultimate Review

The Bowflex Ultimate home gym comes with 90 strength building exercises and a built in calorie-burning cardio rowing feature gives you a complete full body workout. It offers up to 310lbs of power rod resistance, and comes with a lat tower, preacher curl attachment, squat station, leg press, leg extension attachment, and much more.

With the Bowflex Ultimate home gym, you can perform most of the exercises available from your local gyms all in a compact space within your home. The simplicity and ease of use of the Bowflex is unparalleled comparing with any other home gym on the market. The vast variety of workout exercises plus a built in cardio rowing station provides the user with a wide choice of workouts.

Features of the Bowflex Ultimate Home Gym

Bowflex Ultimate Power Rod is what provides your workouts with resistance just like free weights do. By providing up to 310lb of resistance, the Bowflex homegym will accommodate a wide range of users with varying strength levels.The standard 310lbs resistance is upgradeable to 410 lbs.

Bowflex Ultimate 2 Exercise Features

  • Lat Tower with Angled Lat Bar allows you to target your back and shoulder muscles
  • Built-In Rowing Machine - Ultra smooth built-in rowing machine for calorie-burning, cardiovascular warm-up and cool-down
  • T-Bar
    Adds intensity to your rowing workout
  • Leg Extension / Leg Curl Attachment - allows you to perform leg exercises to develop strong, muscular legs.
  • Built-in Adjustable Pulley System
    Adjust the pulleys to really pump your upper body! Bench-press and chest-fly exercises become even more challenging
  • Preacher Curl Attachment - Great for building strong arm muscles
  • Integrated Squat Station - Bio-mechanically correct squat station helps ensure proper positioning of knees and feet while completely supporting your back when doing the squat exercise
  • Leg-Press Belt
    Perfect for Leg Press and Seated Hamstring Curl exercises.
  • Ab Crunch Attachment- Optional attachment increases the intensity of your crunches

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bowflex ultimate home gym
Bowflex Ultimate Home Gym

Bowflex Ultimate Homegym Specs

Exercises and Resistance Maximum Number of Exercises Available 90+
  Standard Weight Resistance 310 lbs / 140 kg
Attachments and Accessories Leg Attachment Included
  Lat Tower Attachment Included
  Aerobic Rowing Included
  Squat Station Included
  Ab Crunch Accessory No
  Adjustable Main Pulley System Included (2-Position Adjustable Pulleys)
  Preacher Curl Attachment No
  No Cable Change Pulley System No
Warranty Power Rod No-Time-Limit Warranty Included
  Machine Limited Warranty 10 Years
Dimensions Height 6' 11" (211cm)
  Length 8' 2" (249 cm)
  Width 4' 2" (127 cm)
  Folded Footprint 27" x 49" (69 x 125 cm)
  Workout Area 7' x 9' (213 x 274 cm)

Bowflex Home Gym Workout & Exercises

The Bowflex Ultimate home gym offers over 90 exercises that you can perform to build a strong, toned body. With the Bowflex, you can exercise every muscle group in your body with a wide variety of exercises. For the chest, you can do bench press, chest flies, lying cable corssovers; for shoulders, you can perform seated shoulder press, lateral shoulder raises, shrugs, reverse flies, military press; for back muscles, you can perform pulldowns, seated rows, bent rows, lower back extensions; for arms, you can do bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, french press, preacher curls, tricep kickbacks, wrist curls; for legs, you can do leg extension, leg curls, squats, leg press; for abdominals, you can perform ab crunches, reverse crunches, seated ab crunches. And don't forget, the bowflex ultimate also comes with a built in rowing station for your cardio workouts.

No-Time-Limit Power Rod Warranty
The Bowflex Power Rod units are so strong, you can flex them repeatedly and they won't wear out. In fact, they're so strong they have a no-time-limit warranty. If you wear them out, Bowflex will REPLACE THEM for FREE.

6 Weeks Fitness Results Guarantee
The Bowflex Ultimate home gym is a superior product, and Bowflex provides a guarantee that stands behind it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Just purchase your machine and workout for up to six weeks. If you're not 100% satisfied with the results, simply contact the Bowflex customer service department for Return Authorization.

7 Year Limited Warranty
Bowflex machines are warranted to the original purchaser. Bowflex home gyms limited warranties cover all defects in material or workmanship but do not cover commercial use or misuse by the consumer.

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Bowflex & Total Gym Home Gym
bowflex ultimate home gym

Bowflex Ultimate Home Gym

The Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym is a total-body solution that delivers everything you could possibly imagine for great fitness results. It offers 95 exercises and includes a lat tower, leg extension/leg curl station, preacher curl attachment, integrated squat station and more.

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bowflex revolution

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

The Bowflex Revolution home gym comes with over 100 exercises with a built-in cardio rowing workout. It includes preacher curl attachment, 5 position foot harness, hand grips, leg press plate, instructional manual, and much more

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total gym

Total Gym Home Gym

With Total Gym, you target all major fitness areas with just one workout: resistance training, cardio training and stretching. Everything your body needs on just ONE machine.

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